September 2018

September  1th-2th- Blance de Blance Bridal -Pittsburgh,PA

September  6th-8th-Marina Morrison-San Francisco

September  21th-30th-Blackburn bridal-London

  October 2018

October  19th-21th-Gabriella New York Bridal Salon-New York

October  18th-20th-Barbara Nacci Atelier- Bary ,Italy

October  25th-27th-  Antonella del Brusco – Milan ,Italy

November  2018

November 2th – 3th-Bridal Atelier montclair- NJ

November 2th – 4th-Centro Moda Mampieri-Roma,Italy

 November 9th – 11th Atelier Saint Claire-Teramo,Italy

 November 9th – 11th The Dress Theory Bridal Shop –Seattle

November 15th – 17th-Odet Sauc-Barcelona-Spain

 November 16th – 18th The Dress Theory Bridal Shop –Nashville

 November 23th – 25th The Dress Theory Bridal Shop –San Diego

  December 2018

December 1nd-2th -The one bridal boutique-Brooklyn

December 12nd-14th -Everthine Bridal Boutique-Connecticut-USA

January  2019

January 25nd-27th – Alice in Ivory- Chicago, IL-USA