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When you are as involved as I am in a woman’s biggest day of her life, it’s only a natural process to follow it through and create a gorgeous lingerie line…..

The feeling of being beautiful and desirable needs to go on after the wedding day, the honeymoon and day to day life!

Knowing from my Bridal collection, in order to feel beautiful, you have to be comfortable and I have designed a great foundation to build on.

When we went to this great location where we shot our lingerie collection, we were blown away by the raw beauty of the place and how much it captured the images I had in my mind as how I wanted to portray my new venture. Everything came together, the colors, the fabrics the mood…. it resulted in a very moody and sensual campaign where every woman can picture herself wearing the pieces!

This is a collection I have designed to make sure you will always feel beautiful, special and comfortable….
With love,


Bra & panities

Long kimonos